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    The Esperanza vs Wataru Sakata (post match 1/2)


    by tdog231

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    (contains match spoilers)

    With help from his wife (and model) Eiko Koike, Sakata was able to score the win over The Esperanza. However, The Esperanza was able to crawl into a hole and potentially be rebuilt (or never to be seen again, time will tell).

    The post-match sees Sakata tend to his injured wife on the stage as snowflakes fall and "Winter Sonata" plays.

    In the ring, the New Hustle Army discuss what will happen to the Monster Army. After RG suggest that Takada is now a broken man, Takada appears on screen and says "REALLY? Is President Takada really that irrecoverable!?"

    After the Monster Army assembles on the ramp, Takada lays down a series of threats against the New Hustle Army, specifically targeting Eiko Koike and Sakata, saying that The Esperanza is not his only incarnation before signing off!

    This is Part 3 of 4. Part 1 is the hype video and match intros. Part 2 is the match and Part 4 is the New Hustle Army's celebration