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    The Esperanza vs Wataru Sakata (hype video and intros)


    by tdog231

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    The Monster Army's unstoppable force, The Esperanza, is summoned out at Hustlemania 2007 (11/25/07) to take on "Hustle Resistance" Wataru Sakata, the heart and sole of the New Hustle Army, who reformed the Hustle Army after President Takada purchased Hustle for One Hundred Billion Monster Dollars. Takada wants nothing more than Sakata finished off and the New Hustle Army to be rid of their heart and soul. Sakata and the New Hustle Army want nothing more than to rid the world of The Esperanza and potentially cripple the Monster Army.

    Can Sakata do the impossible find a way to destroy the Monster Army's deadliest weapon, or will Sakata find a similar fate as TAJIRI and HG did and be a victim of the deadly Laser Bitan attack?

    This is the 1st of 4 videos. This is the hype video and intros. Part 2 will be the match itself. Part's 3 and 4 will be the post match happenings.