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    Bedazzled Podcast 1

    Susie Bright

    by Susie Bright

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    Bedazzled, the pleasure chakra brainchild of Spike Priggen, is a blog that features nostalgic movies, TV ads, and music from your demented popcult childhood.

    Spike has a eye for the mink that will make you scream, piss, and moan with unexpected yearning. I had NO idea that seeing b&w TV clips of Raquel Welch, the Everly Brothers, and Mattel-toys-my mom-would-never-buy-me would bring me to my knees, but it's true.

    This particular video podcast is Spike's newest effort. The clip that will sear your mind forever is an extended Everly Brothers' rock 'n' roll medley on a long-forgotten variety show. It starts out slow— pure kitsch— and you even wonder when they're going to start singing. But then all harmonic hell breaks loose. The genetic musical connection between those two is INSANE. It's like one ache, one voice, and one rhythm coming out of two heads.