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    Imagine you are walking in town one day and you hear a strange fascinating sound, of dripping water; you are interested but don’t know what it is. A few paces further on, a different musical sound with clicks and clacs. WHAT IS IT? A few paces further, and it’s running water. Now you start to search for and follow this mystery that has become quite personal. And you are led to “The Source”.

    Source is an installation proposed by the sound artist Ben Farey of the Collectif Tricyclique Dol. Shown for the first time in October 2007, here’s the first artistic sequence of an original and ambitious urban project which proposes, from a sound “source”, an atypical network of radio transmission using receptors dispersed around the town to form a sound trail. Source will show itself in its final artistic form in 2008 for the festival Musiques de Rues in Besançon, France.

    Source est une oeuvre emprunte de poésie proposée par le plasticien sonore Ben Farey, du collectif bisontin Tricyclique Dol. Une première séquence artistique d’un projet urbain original et ambitieux qui propose, à partir d’une « source » sonore, tout un réseau atypique de diffusion par onde radio sur des récepteurs dispersés dans la ville. Source trouvera sa matérialisation artistique finale en 2008.