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SCC Ultimate Aero TT Beating Bugatti Veyron


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the car that pass through in once eye blinking!! The SSC Ultimate Aero TT first appeared in 2004 under the name 'Aero SC/8T'. The Ultimate Aero is a limited production version of the Aero, offering higher performance than the original. From various sources, only 25 Aeros will ever be produced, but the sources conflict on actual models[citation needed]. The basic Aero model is priced from $239,000, while the Ultimate Aero would cost well over $650,000 (as of 2007).

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shape os a copy of koeinsegg.and also all the worl know that americans made crap rides...and it os not faster than bugatti super sport
Oleh Engr Ramay Tahun lalu
you make other videos look like poo btw check out my pics!! :))
Oleh mary_cute 4 tahun lalu
Pas mal mais y'a eu du progres MOSLER MT900 GTR XX:2500 chevaux et une vitesse de pointe de 491km/h......rien que sa...
Oleh KITANO 6 tahun lalu
j prefere le veyron meme si elle va un peu moins vite !! mais bon à cette vitesse j crois que ça change plus grand chose !! ^^
Oleh lyrical-killer 6 tahun lalu
wouaouh!!! it is monstrueux!!!!
Oleh mrsupernoob 6 tahun lalu
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