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    Vintage Mac Collector

    William S. Streeter

    by William S. Streeter

    Jeremy Mehrle has turned the basement of his suburban St. Louis home into one of the coolest private computer museums you will ever see. He has 74 vintage Apple Macintosh computers impeccably displayed. All of them are fully-functional so you can see what the old operating systems were like. Some of the highlights of his collection are an Apple Lisa, a 20th Anniversary Macintosh, and a NeXT computer.

    This is an amazing collection — amazing not for its size, but the loving care Jeremy took in displaying these machines.

    Also thanks to Walkie Talkie USA for providing the great Bowiesque soundtrack for this video.

    UPDATE! Since I posted this in February 2007, Jeremy has gotten a lot more press, including from and the AP. I'm proud that my little project here got to scoop these bigger news organizations.