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The Buzz Z… Designed for the DHV 1-2 pilot... "It hits the spot !!".

You’re new to the sport, but already feel that it is going to be a large part of your life, and you know that you plan to pursue paragliding enthusiastically. The BuzzZ has everything that you need to progress safely through the first years of your career. Even if you plan to fly regularly and improve quickly, you won’t outgrow the BuzzZ too soon.

The BuzzZ is ideal for enthusiastic and talented beginners, or pilots moving up from a DHV 1 wing who still crave that extra level of security not available in other gliders with DHV 1-2 performance.

The BuzzZ’s handling and performance is ample enough for a new pilots’ first years of progression, with absolutely no compromise in safety. The BuzzZ is designed to be a super-safe glider for pilots who need DHV 1 safety in a wing with DHV 1-2 Performance.

Launching the BuzzZ is simple in Alpine or Reverse launch style as the wing has no tendency to over-fly the pilot, and there is positive pressure on the risers throughout the range of inflation. Feedback is gentle, without insulating the pilot from the air, allowing newer pilots to learn from the air on every flight. Brake pressure increases significantly towards the end of the range, and the increase in pressure before the spin or stall point is virtually impossible to ignore.

The BuzzZ is an improvement over the Vibe in every respect including glide, sink rate, speed, stability, and handling.

The BuzzZ features Ozone’s brilliant new three-color design, and is available in 8 combinations

Please visit the Ozone's website for all the paragliding news, goodies and videos... Discover the BuzzZ on : http://www.flyozone.com/paragliders/en/products/gliders/buzz/

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Vous vous donnez du mal pour vendre un parapente !
Par babazouk il y a 6 ans