"Le Cadeau du Temps"


by jessieb07

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Zune Arts is continuing to pursue the quest to join music and art, and has released a new video that joins artist Corey Godbey, a visual sculptor of Portland Studios, with Maps, the UK based sonic sculptor. The resulting film piece, entitled "Le Cadeau du Temps," explores how eternal youth can be both a blessing and a curse, and follows a man's journey through time and the consequences that befall him when he chooses not to share his youth potion. The film is set to the ethereal sounds of Maps' "Liquid Sugar," the contemplative track from Maps' 2007 debut full length We Can Create.

"The latest Zune Arts film, “Le Cadeau du Temps,” explores the power of sharing and personal connection through the eyes of a man given the gift of eternal life," said Rob Schaltenbrand, brand marketing manager for Zune Arts. "The use of texture and color in the animation blends seamlessly with the musical backdrop to create a deeply emotional connection with the viewer."