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    Juelz Santana - Dipset Anthem


    por F.A.HUGO

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    Rich Mundo
    OKay, Kudos on Crime Pays, But You KNow My Block, ITs time to Diddy Bop. 100% Profit, minus the padded room. Silence, We don't say Omerta,We Habla Silencio, This Verdad Violencia. Okay, Say Brazil, No Need to Hear, What you Feel, Fuck the Steel, Work Hands On, Now Wax oFF, Call Cam The Dragon, Fire is felt from Confessions of Fire to that dude trying to retire, I say Naaw get back on the track infinite rounds, Aint no need to bow down. Call Me Crouching Tiger, Lost My Glitter Just Like Mike Tyson, My Fallen Heroes, YALL JUST lost causes, I really know the bosses, No need to floss, Unless its chickens you digest, Get in between the teeth, Keep Pretty WOmen In betweeen the sheets, By the way I got that Insurance, and I aint talking Geico, So Stay On that Jet Li, I bring the Propellers out, Take off without the runway, But the way we cook up GUcci, Make u think we was dressing for the Runway, And Yall trying to be the Next Top Model, Im on a bottle, Finished Love Letter to Morrocco.
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