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    by psychetruth

    Psychiatry’s Bible – The DSM – Leonard Roy Franks – Anti-Psychiatry

    Leonard Roy Franks, Anti-psychiatry activist and psychiatric survivor discusses the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorder which is put our by the American Psychiatric Association.

    He gives an overview of mental disorders and role of psychiatry in controlling the nonconformists in society.

    Franks edited the best-selling Random House Webster's Quotationary in 1998 and The History of Shock Treatment in 1978. Active in the psychiatric survivors movement since 1972, he is a member of MindFreedom International, a coalition of more than 100 grassroots groups working for human rights in psychiatry, and also The Coalition for the Abolition of Electroshock.

    Coalition for the Abolition of Electroshock

    The Electroshock Quotationary may be downloaded free of charge at

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