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    Connecting the Dots of Twitter's Inevitable Death


    by ThePromisedWLAN

    police officers visit a Dutch man's home because he needed to "watch his tone''.
    Wednesday February 10th that the social media company had lost 2 million users in the last three months of 2015. And it's shares plummeted as much as 12%.
    What is it that's scaring both users & investors away?
    5.) An inexplicable crackdown of Breitbart columnist Milo Yiannopolous. #JeSuisMilo
    Others critical of Islam or Feminism, or vocal Trump supporters deleted.
    Problematic to free speech
    4.) Twitter is instituting a timeline algorithm a la facebook that reorders tweets Corporate advertising friendly model. #RIPTwitter
    3.) Hillary Clinton advisor Peter Daou openly asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a Tweet to censor hashtag "#WordsThatDontDescribeHillary" citing "misogyny" which has been largely used in the name of feminism for silencing critics. Politically incorrect faux pas, they've been allowing ISIS to promote extremism! Twitter DID announce shutting down ISIS accounts but..
    2.) Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the second largest share holder of Twitter stock!!! Saudi Arabia is hardly known for it's exemplary record on human rights. This is a country where women are second class to men and bloggers have been publicly lashed for wrong think. If you disagree with government there or the official state religion they will execute you... after a lengthy torture.
    1.) Mr. Jack Dorsey who is the co-founder and current CEO of Twitter makes his ideological leanings well known on his own personal Twitter account. No wonder that he has recruited such a diverse group to head his trust & safety council. the Authoritarian left to the FAR Authoritarian left. Most notably controversial feminist gaming critic Anita Sarkeesian.
    The same woman who visited the UN last year to have the entire internet censored.
    UN put Saudi Arabia in charge of their Human rights panel.
    Many of those from the far left who espouse radical feminist ideology also share a space with those who want to shut down criticism of Islam as 'Hate Speech'.
    Toxic cocktail of Politics & Business converging to threaten free expression online. Jack Dorsey went so far to say that Freedom of expression starts with SAFETY. Orwellian 1984 Ministry Of Truth Twitter has created with this Trust & safety council
    Twitter was never the people's platform, it was always commercial. The last decade has shown us that social media can be useful, fun, thought provoking and powerful.
    So what alternatives are out there? MeWe and Trsst. Which are 100% open and decentralized. What social media was meant to be. Not a tool for ideologues, governments, or employers to use against you.