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    Ron Paul boston tea party 07 new zealand


    by MrMichuzz



    no you are right there is lots of work to be done in new zealand .... now as for your hateful comment,,, i am not american . i am a new zealander currently studying to become a dr, so not only am i a poor motherfucker but i cant even vote for the guy... so abusing anyone for donating 5 dollars is completely retarded... i gave what i could. would you rather that no one gave at all unless it was considered enough by your standards???

    I am in support of ron paul to one hundred percent and i agree that new zealand is a nightmare, but there are no need for derogatory remarks. I mean why call us all losers for the comments of one. you come across as a hateful bitch, but im sure thats not the case ;)
    By MrMichuzz8 years ago
    I an newzealander who has moved permanently to the USA because it is a great country.You need to get your facts straight.First NZ is a police state and controlled by the same internationalists,so do your home work,habeus corpushas gone in NZ emoved by Helen Clark nd the country is regulated to the hilt with the second highest taxes next to sweden,resource management act that makes it illegalto do anything on your own property without permission and taxes paid to the state,state owned and endocterated schools with the lowest education standard of any westernnation,I am a fervant supporter of Ron Paul and have donnated the maximum i can legally,your 5 dollars is pathetic,and you have just become a resident of NZ,you are a coward ,you obviously run when the going gets tough,we ron paul supporters and supporters of the constitution are staying in this great country(not running away like you,youpathetic exeuse for a human being on is not running either,want a factual debate email me Losers
    By Hroark18 years ago
    Nice, I been thinking of going to New Zealand eventually.

    By Croat888 years ago