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    The Saints- Black Bottom JB 2007

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    When the Saints go marching home - black Bottom Jazz Band 2007

    On September 28 2007 the reunion of our Black Bottom Jazz Band took place.
    It was approximately 55 years since we had played together in 1952-53. Our very first pianist was Annelies Riemens. We had been on a search to find as many as possible former band members. Annelies Paanakker-Riemens was found but told us that she hadn’t played jazz since these days in the fifties and had switched to a classical career. She had attended a conservatory of music and I guess she had followed a different path. She was very enthousiastic about meeting all of us again and came to listen to the recordings and spend the day celebrating the reunion.
    At a certain point during the day she asked if we still played “When the Saints go Marching home”. Even though we had played it in our beginning years and it still is one of the most reuested tunes in early jazz, it usually not a favourite with the musicians. Her request was received with a lot of laughter by the guys, but then I thought: “Why not, if played well, it still is a great tune” I asked Annelies if she would remember the chords and if she would be willing to give it a try. She got behind the piano and off we went.
    Trombonist Eduard even threw in a vocal.
    Annelies Paanakker piano, Ari van Mensvoort banjo, Wim de Vries bass, Bob Erwig cornet,
    Arent Nieuwkamp soprano saxophone and Eduard Rahusen trombone and vocal