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    South - Black Bottom Jazz Band

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    South - Black Bottom Jazz Band Reunion 2007

    Some 55 years later we are sitting together again like the kids we were then. Is there a lot that has changed? Of course it has. Some of us hardly recognized each other. But as soon as we started playing, that old bond seemed to have come back. The total pleasure reminding us of this first memory that we were able to play without written music, had the ability to feel it and the capacity to improvise.
    Now we take all that for granted and realize that through age and experience we all had become better, had matured and consequently made this reunion an unforgettable experience.
    With the help of all the modern technical devices this was recorded in digital audio as well as video and I can now share it with you on youtube and daily motion.
    Recorded in Bussum, The Netherlands on September 28 2007. with Arent Nieuwkamp on clarinet, Eduard Rahusen trombone, Rob Herwig piano, Wim de Vries bass, Ari van Mensvoort banjo replacing Jack Vincken who was unable to make it from Canada and yours truly, Bob Erwig on cornet.