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    Tishomingo Blues - Black Bottom Jazz Band

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Tishomingo Blues - Black Bottom Jazz Band 2007

    As part of our reunion after 55 years we show you now the second tune that was recorded, audio mixed as well as filmed. This is a famous New Orleans revival tune still being played by many jazz bands worldwide. It was one of the tunes that we had in our repertoire then in 1952 and we all still remembered. I think we learned it from a 1944 Bunk Johnson’s New Orleans Jazz Band recording that featured George Lewis clarinet with Jim Robinson trombone, a band we were very much inspired by in those years.
    Our video man Willem Quist recorded the full day’s proceedings on an excellent top of the line Sony camera. Afterwards he found that several of the recording tapes had defects which resulted in mini interruptions. Usually one can live with such a situation. Unfortunately when an audio track is later added to the film one will find these glitches kind of disturbing, because the movements of the musicians don’t match with the recorded output any more.
    I think only in this tune you might notice this, but in further recordings from this session Willem managed to add smallpicture tracks to the video to off-set the lack of synchronisation. Willem spend a lot time fixing this and we are all very grateful for the professional way he managed.
    In the band: Bob Erwig cornet, Arent Nieuwkamp soprano sax , Eduard Rahusen trombone, Rob Herwig piano, Ari van Mensvoort banjo and Wim de Vries bass