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    Dancing On The Beach -A Samba

    Ed M.

    by Ed M.

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    An original song, "Dancing On The Beach", a Samba, played on a Thomas Pacconi Spanish 6 string acoustic guitar, with digital drum track on a Yamaha DD-5 drum machine, with ambient sound reverb from an empty room.

    Recorded on a Kodak Easy Share digital still camera (with limited crude video and built-in mike sound recording capabilities).

    Posted to let any better performers see if they would like to do the tune.


    "Dancing on the beach,
    With the moonlight in our reach.
    Dancing on the beach,
    Moonlight- in our reach.

    If you say goodbye,
    I'll come apart,
    But if you should choose to stay,
    I will give you more than my heart

    And oh-
    Love you so!
    Oh, love you so- oh!

    Sand like skin
    Soft and smooth,
    And if you would lay by me
    We will make it move.


    Kiss your eyes;
    Kiss your hair.
    Kiss your tongue tip;
    Kiss you everywhere.

    And oh...

    Let me whisper in your ear
    What you want to know:
    We are like the stars,
    As above, so below.

    And oh-

    (musical break)

    Dancing on the beach,
    With the moonlight in our reach.
    Dancing on the beach.
    Moonlight- in our reach.

    Dancing on the beach."


    5th fret:
    Partial Am barre (bottom four strings only)

    3rd fret
    Barre bottom 4 strings, with A note on 1st string. (roll A note off on second verse)

    Standard Am.

    3rd fret:
    Barre (bottom 4 strings).