Led Zeppelin O2 Arena For Your Life

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por aosonho

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es la primera vez que tocan éste tema en público!!

Thanks to backpackdave!

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putain !... des larmes me brouille la vue !..
Por customwox hace 7 años
i was there, i won the ticket thanks to a french radio. I love this band since i was 15. This was amazing, Page still the best Plant manage very well his voice even if its not as high as it was 20 years ago, JPJ is THE man. The most intense songs were Kashmirn Dazed and no quarter. Best show of my life. Chicken skin all along the show
Por mourliac hace 7 años
was this the BEST show of anyones life ??????
please - I'd love to hear how it was

Por Myche hace 7 años
thanks for the Christmas Present :^D
Por Myche hace 7 años