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Let's Play: SMT: Nocturne: Mot

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Phys resist and only two kinds of magic do damage.
Fortunately I have the right magic.

In Ugaritic Mot 'Death' (spelled mt) is personified as a god of death. The word is cognate with forms meaning 'death' in other Semitic languages: with Hebrew מות (moth or maveth); with Canaanite, Egyptian Aramaic, Nabataean, and Palmyrene מות (mwt); with Jewish Aramaic, Christian Palestinian Aramaic, and Samaritan מותא (mwt'); with Syriac mautā; with Mandaean muta; with Akkadian mūtu; with Arabic maut; with Ge'ez mot. Although Semitic languages are not closely related to Indo-European languages, the words for death in Sanskrit ('mrit') and Latin ('mortus') are similar.

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Let's Play: SMT: Nocturne: Mot
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