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    Business - Begin With The End In Mind

    Begin With The End In Mind is part of the "Building A Killer Investment Opportunity" seminar videotaped at a meeting of the AELC Entrepreneurs Club held at the Western Australian Innovation Centre in Bentley.

    Businessman Deryck Graham presents a fantastic journey into the world of the entrepreneur and the business startup process.

    Deryck uses his extensive business and entrepreneurial experience, including the development of the "Eagle" aircraft, to illustrate the business start up process. In this session he covers the planning and the correct reasons for starting a business.

    Other subjects covered in this series include networking, the business life cycle, business models, building a dream team of partners and/or directors, finding customers, healthy attitudes, avoiding attachment and knowing when to move on to the next project.

    Begin With The End In Mind is one of sixteen videos the AELC has made featuring Deryck's "Building A Killer Investment Opportunity" seminar. This is valuable information about running a startup business and recommended viewing for all aspiring entrepreneurs.