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    In Flames - Cover - Evil In A Closet

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    Da Schehf !!!

    von Da Schehf !!!

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    That make me hot ! ^-^ lolol !! ^-^ See you on!
    Von girldanZVor 6 Jahren
    Very nice! Do you listen to the songs or do you have somekinda source that where you can listen to each instrument by it self? sorry if my english is a little fuck´t up, Peace!:P
    Von CowabongakidVor 7 Jahren
    Really love this:) Nice job!:D
    Von Hawz95Vor 8 Jahren
    hey Schehf!!! u remember me on youtube (erguo) thk for the vidéo of the tips for record! its pretty cool!! sorry for my poor english i'm french!! bye!
    Von LefevreVor 8 Jahren
    laurent robert
    thank! very good job man
    Von laurent robertVor 8 Jahren
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