Heide San

by Heide San

flashes are not allowed
....they might scare the fishes...

pictures can't tell
and we want them moving

i'm fond of watching documentaries...

so is Reyza..
she watches The Correspondents sa TFC

Reyza took Marine Biology when she was in High School..
I didn't...so... I chose to be... ENGERZ! (Goofy in English > stupid din! hehe!)
I don't care! I just want to make fun of myself! hahaha!
But Reyza have decided (sort of) to study here in PI because of me... haha!! na bilib sya that i became a US RN as such a young age...NYE
(Filipino parents wants their children to study or get their bachelor's degree in PI and they will give them all... i mean ALL {house, lot, yaya, cars!} but their children usually wants to study sa mainland (unsupported...miski hirap daw)...You'll know why.... kasi sa bad image ng PI..TFC...bad media...blah blah blah! tsk tsk tsk!)

so...ate gene, kuya wil, kahit malayo kayo =)
Tita Glo! here's the video!!
sa lahat ng pinsan!
sorry if i wasn't able to play THESE movies to you last Dec9,
kawindang, kami lang nagprepare eh...
para na rin nandun kayo, hehehe!
here it is! = )