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    Silent Movie Clips Buster Keaton:

    Buster Keaton became a box office smash with his short silent comedies that featured stunts, physical gags, and clever gadgetry. Here in Steamboat Bill, Jr., Keaton has been given a larger budget and a feature length to work with, and a masterpiece is created. Keaton, a prolific comic genius, has some of his best moments in this wacky comedy. Keaton wants to become a steamboat captain like his dad, but he falls in love with the rival boater’s daughter! As Romeo and Juliet, they try to end the feud but things only get worse. But Keaton gets his chance to save them all when a Typhoon hits! Performing some of his most dangerous and daring stunts, Keaton bedazzles during this stormy culmination. Steamboat Bill, Jr. is one of Keaton’s most famous works, and with good reason.