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    Adel Boussaken

    by Adel Boussaken



    What the fuck is this guy saying?
    Guess what, Sheikh Jassem?! You actually talked before even taking a minute to think about the rubish you hev just gotten out of your mouth. This guy seems so damn certain about what he says about the whole thing. I do not know how many "religious scholars" say stuff that have no scientific ground or even a solid religious text.
    While both men and women in the west respect each other's mental and physical abilities and both operate on a positive level in almost all domains of life, men in our Arab world are still trying to prove they are better than women. That is so unfortunate!
    By Youness4229 years ago
    forget abt he is a Muslim....its just that he is explaning sumthing, moreover he says, ' not all women, and not all men are like that '......dont know if the show is Islamic...or the channel....he just speaking in Arabic...
    and francisf, if u say Muslims are crazy, they aren't really if u say that...cuz they see things the different way, just like any1...veryone has a different mind, and different opinion....
    i m sorry if this disturbs anyone...
    ake care all...
    By ZK10 years ago
    i dont know who are crazy more than racist and radicals, i dont know if that wat guy is saying true, in pshyological way and thats wat scineitst approved, but i just know that those racist are who understand things in wrong way, if someone non muslims said that, they will agree with him or her, but if he or she is muslim, they will say he is crazy, i think u know who is crazy now :D
    By unknown10 years ago
    All moslems are crazies. Free world needs nuke Qom.
    By francisf10 years ago
    He's crazy this cheikh...
    C'est vraiement du n'importe quoi
    By ballou10 years ago