Hiawatha Rag - Climax Jazz Band 1996

bob erwig
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Hiawatha Rag - Climax Jazz Band with Bob Draga.

At one of the for me most exciting sets of the 1996 St Louis Jazz Festival we were blessed with the presence of two superb reedplayers. For starters we had Pieter Meijers joining us for the full weekend replacing our Mick Lewis.
On top of that we were visited by Bob Draga. Even today in 2007, some 11 years later, Bob is still one of the top attractions of jazz festivals in the USA.
Now to get these two together with us on the stage is not just an honor, but also so much fun.
We threw a tune at Bob called Hiawatha Rag. We had played it several times with Pieter but I don’t think Bob knew it at all. Apparently that is a challenge which Bob enjoys. He told me he’s always learning when he plays with our band. Then when it comes to the nitty gritty, he appears better than whoever. Amazing musician!
The accoustics in the hall are somewhat hollow. Can’t be helped. It’s the music that counts!