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    Hum Pardesi Ho Gaye (Title Song)


    by Desimeego

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    Mallika Bansal is a 23 year old, middle class girl from Bombay. Her parents are looking for a suitable groom for her elder sister, Naina. Naina is in her 30's and the going is tough. The matchmaker comes up with a match for Mallika instead. Rahul Sikand, 25, is an NRI who needs to get married in 10 days. After much trepidation from Mallika and objections from her chacha Arvind, Mallika does marry Rahul.

    Rahul lives with his parents Prabhu and Indira Sikand in the San Francisco Bay Area and he works in Sales for a software firm. His lover and boss is Maya Oberoi, 25. Maya and Rahul have been dating for a while and are very much in love. Rahul got involved with her to further his career but landed up getting involved. However, Maya doesn't want to get married because her parents had a bad marriage and her mother committed suicide. Also Rahul can't put his parents in a home because the Indian community (his main clients) would frown upon that. Hence he decided to get a wife.

    Despite Rahul's attempts to hide, Mallika finds out about his affair. Her first reaction is to go back home to her family. However, Rahul has helped her parents by giving them money to save their house (in a disputed property case), so she is not able to say anything.

    Mallika's sister Naina is getting married to Anubhav, a lawyer and widower with a kid, and Mallika and Rahul return to India for the wedding. But Mallika cannot express anything due to her parents' indebtedness to Rahul.