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    Painy McPain

    Ryan J. Smith

    by Ryan J. Smith

    Stop motion assignment from my 2nd Year Film animation course at the Joe Kubert School. A 30-second model animation short for Stop-Motion class called "Painy McPain," in where the psychotic title character rips himself to shreds because he just loves to feel pain.

    Made with Sculpey clay and on a digital camera.

    The concept came from a character I thought up in college one day, called Painy McPain, as a parody of many of the "extreme" comic book characters from the 90's made by artists like Todd MacFarlane and Rob Leiffeld. I drew a hulking figure with giant spiked shoulder-pads, scars all over, a knife stuck in his skull, a giant pipe for an eye socket with a bunch of needles piercing the eyeball, and an all-purpose toture device for a hand (which can be a chese-grater or a chainsaw, as demonstrated in this video). My favorite part of his design is a codpiece he wears on his crotch that says "Kick Here." You don't see it though, because this model was only made from the chest up.