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    In Flames - Cover - My Sweet Shadow

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    Da Schehf !!!

    von Da Schehf !!!

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    Kevin P
    Grats grats grats !!
    Von Kevin PVor 7 Jahren
    your right, the sound is a lot better than youtube... i even signed up here to listen to your recordings. your really doing great work
    Von zootime1Vor 8 Jahren
    Adam Napier
    This has got to be one of my favorite In Flames songs ever!!! I'm so glad you covered this! Truly amazing dude!
    Von Adam NapierVor 8 Jahren
    Da Schehf !!!
    It is not a keyboard. It is a VST Synth in Cubase.
    I use a Panasonic NV GS 11 camcorder.
    Very cheap old camcorder, but it works.
    Von Da Schehf !!!Vor 8 Jahren
    what is ur cam? an HD no?
    Von LefevreVor 8 Jahren
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