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This footage is pretty amazing and describing it as full on would be an understatement. It was shot recently in Fallujah as a group of American soldiers do battle with Iraqi insurgents. It actually almost looks like they're having fun and was reminisce [for me at least] of parts of Black Hawk Down. Someone need remember this people war are not a joke!

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Tres bien ! ^o^ ,
Di lovelygirl143 4 anni fa
You're channel is unique. btw check out my pics!! !!
Di sarah123123 4 anni fa
if you wont get down you will lay down bich ass terrorist!!!bah bop bop bah bah IM LUVIN IT!!!!:)
Di roberto pratt 6 anni fa
Fuck terrorist!!!!!!!
Di warriorspain 7 anni fa
TOMIX , What cab do you drive? Name a street! I would love to show ya ..Im Eastcoast.
Di stinky70 8 anni fa
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