Whitney Houston Praises Mary J. Blige

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Whitney Houston was asked who si she feeling and her answer was Mary J. Blige of course, who dont LOVE Mary? Whitney fans are JEALOUS because Mary took Whitney spot and is now called THE VOICE and has influence more artist than ANY singer in HISTORY! Mary is the ONLY REAL SINGER from the 90's STILL standing and has a SUCCESSFUL career, she aint going NOWHERE! Whitney fans are bitter behind this, they still STUCK in the 90's when Whitney was sorta relevant, all thats GONE now and she aint coming back and will NEVER EVER EVER be on Mary's level vocally, lyrically, msuically, successfully and DEFINITELY not physically. (more)


I KNOW you di'en't! you sound soooooo STUPID! Whitney and most REAL soul music fans LOOOVE Mary J Blige but in NO way in fact nor actuality does Mary J Compare to Whitney in sound, timbre, clarity, smoothness, record sales, influence or in any other vertical/ capacity. They were TRUE friends and don't need your idiotic self trying to stir up foolishness like this! There is a reason Whitney was called 'THE INCOMPARABLE' and 'THE VOICE' and nearly every record she's EVER broken has not been matched so CLEARLY not surpassed. Ugh, you really piss me off, how can you NOT KNOW how STUPID you sound?
By Da Bell December
Even whitney houston Like MJB.So you Haters are just Hating!!!
By kde-LilKim4life 5 years ago
Mary's great! Whitney's Divine! the 2 are not even to be compared vocally! They are both 2 beautiful women who have had a significant impact on the world, not just musically. We are all blessed by God to have both of them!
By mvemkr01 7 years ago