M.Jackson We've had enough

Nico Nicobus

par Nico Nicobus

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"Only God could decide
Who will live and who will die
There's nothing that can't be done
If we raise our voice as one"

"Why did these soldiers come here for?
If they're for peace why is there war? "

There is no way not to love him...
The world must hear these words.
He was real humanitarian...
They killed him because of his courage.

But, they can't take him away from our hearts.

I love you Michael... I will love you, forevermore...

Thank you nicobus, for that touching video...
Par mjjmelIl y a 6 ans
Florian SECRET
Les images sont tellement...
Par Florian SECRETIl y a 7 ans
Florian SECRET
Sur ce point, j'ai du mal à comprendre Michael ! Il aurait dû garder ce titre sur invincible...
Par Florian SECRETIl y a 7 ans
Putain ça dechire
Par joke282Il y a 7 ans
quel chanson magnifique j'adore
Par selisurIl y a 8 ans
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