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An R&B vocal group from Harlem, New York City, New York, USA, the Charts were one of the finest examples of the "greasy" style of doo-wop for which New York was famed in the late 50s, in which harsh leads, piercing tenors, deep basses, and exotic changes produced a rather unwholesome sound and a predominant image of greasy-haired young hoodlums. The members were lead Joe Grier, first tenor Steve Brown, second tenor Glenmore Jackson, baritone Leroy Binns and bass Ross Buford, who had formed the group in 1957 on a street corner on 115th Street. They were a classic one-hit-wonder group; their "Deserie", recorded for Danny Robinson's Everlast label, became a perennial as an oldies standard after becoming a hit in 1957. "Deserie" was distinctive in that it featured no bridge between the second and third verse.

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