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    Smoking Marijuana Mental Disorder - Psychology with Sandy


    by psychetruth

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    Courtney Green
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    By Courtney Green6 years ago
    At one point in time Psychiatric schools of thought believed that boring holes in someone's head would cure madness.
    Any addiction, psychological or otherwise, is unhealthy to the body and mind. Responsible use is not.
    Responsible cannabis use is a far more healthy choice in fact, than in alcohol, as it does not cause chemical dependency, nor does it cause a volatile emotional state.
    Responsible cannabis use has been clinically proven in many cases to alleviate chronic pain and ease depression. Having said that I should a a note that those suffering with anxiety disorders may want to take a miss on this particular substance as it may heighten anxious feelings.
    Legal does not mean healthier, law does not equal morality, and first year psych students should choose another profession of they are only prepared to follow the short sighted work of others.
    By Fiddster7 years ago
    just cuz some 1 put it in a book and called it a disorder doesnt mean it is.....fuck your too cute to be so boring
    By hypno67 years ago
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