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    H.G. Wells Apocalypse Science Fiction Film - Things To Come

    Based on an essay by H.G. Wells, Things to Come is a visionary story of colossal scope, spanning seventy years and the destruction and creation of civilization. Beginning in the near future (the late 1930s, naturally), a second World War breaks out, laying waste to all that is civilized. Fortunately, visionary scientist John Cabal (Raymond Massey) proposes to the world a scientific and ordered existence that will deliver all from the misery and toil that war has wrought. The film then leaps ahead to 2036, and the world has stabalized into a leisurly place of order and comfort – not at all to the liking of everyone! This science fiction masterpiece encompasses lofty ideals as well as down to Earth human passions that are struggling to survive a technological onslaught. From the jaw dropping visuals to the stirring performances, Things to Come is a pillar of film making achievement, as visionary as its story.