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    Dans les Rues d'Antibes - Climax Jazz Band 1996

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Dans les Rues d’Antibes - Climax Jazz Band 1996
    Although I have posted this tunes already several times from different situations I like to post it once again because it fits in this concert that I will present in a separate playlist called “Climax Jazz Band in St Louis”
    Also I like this version and particularily the fabulous solo by Pieter Meijers on his soprano saxophone. Pieter doesn’t have to take a step back from the best in the world. Of course there was the unbeatable Sidney Bechet, who actually composed this tune, but there are some other greats in this field like Bob Wilber and Kenny Davern who had their Soprano Summit. Then you had Peter Schilperoort and today I have been very impressed when I visited the Breda Jazz Festival in the Netherlands to see, hear and actually a chance to play with Antoine Trommelen.
    In this clip are Bob Erwig cornet, Len Gosling trombone, Chris Daniels bass, Jack Vincken banjo, Jamie Aug drums and our special guest for the full festival Pieter Meijers on soprano sax.