Judgement Day 2001 - Chyna vs. Lita (Women's Championship)


by _Nastia_

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Harish Kumar
chyna is now porn star...so sad
By Harish Kumar2 years ago
Kessa Haych
Chyna was something extraordinary and a special type of diva that broke barriers and is now an icon many muscled divas would like to measure themselves against. eg. Beth and Kharma.

I thought this feud could have become bigger and on another level if chyna had turned heel and they had a rematch with a ladder match stipulation that lita had won. Love the respect they both show to each other.

these amazing ladies need to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.
By Kessa Haych3 years ago
Wow what an ovation
By theastonshingfaith4 years ago
Dylon Wells
Chyna the diva with the best abs and the strongest diva besides beth phoenix damn i miss her
By Dylon Wells7 years ago