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    Randy Savage vs. Steve Austin


    by Stinger1981

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    Joey Ferman
    didn't even know this match ever happened and somehow knowing vince i don't think sadly macho man will ever get into the hall of fame. it would be like WARRIOR getting into the hall of fame.
    By Joey Ferman7 years ago
    Skye Reynolds
    Randy Savage made short work of Steve Austin in this one. Some of Austin's trademark mannerisms and attitude were present here, but Stunning Steve was far removed from Stone Cold.

    This was Austin's final appearance in WCW. He wrestled a few more times after this, but this match wasn't aired until a few weeks later after Austin had been released.
    By Skye Reynolds7 years ago
    This is a rarity that is for sure. Thanks for uploading :D
    By Yikith8 years ago
    lamest austin match I ever saw...and I watched him since 1992..he was treated like no. 1 jabroni for no reason...
    By konovkokot8 years ago
    gordon joseph
    Cool! Thanks so much!
    By gordon joseph9 years ago