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    Gatemouth - Climax JB 1996

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Gatemouth - Climax Jazz Band 1996

    In St Louis, during on of the last jazz festivals that I played with the Climax Jazz Band, a full set was recorded by Heritage Films. This is the opening tune of the set which we started with “Gatemouth”, a tune recorded first by Johnny Dodds and his New Orleans Wanderers in 1926.
    Our regular clarinetist Mick Lewis was not able to make this festival and we were pleased that his substitute was no less than former fellow Dutchman Pieter Meijers, who now lives in Los Angeles. Pieter eventually became the leader of the very popular High Sierra Jazz band from California.
    In the band:
    Bob Erwig cornet, Pieter Meijers clarinet, Len Gosling trombone, Jack Vincken banjo, Chris Daniels bass and Jamie Aug drums.