Psychic Uri Geller and Criss Angel in the 911 Challenge

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Magician Criss Angel promised psychic Uri Geller a million bucks on the finale of NBC's nationally televised "Phenomenon" if Geller could say what was in a sealed envelope. This video is with a scientific display of a graph of the words spoken by Uri Geller.

Instead of "9 1 1," suppose we write "key car car." If Uri Geller is able to say, "car keychain car" within eighteen seconds, we would be scientifically prejudiced to deny he got the answer. In this video, each time Uri points his finger directly at Criss, Uri reveals one of the numbers in the envelope. Not random guesswork.

On European computers, the month comes after the day. So 911 would be 119 (eleven nine) or "one nineteen" which is what Uri Geller said to Criss Angel. Uri lives in Europe.

(They say this is a video James Randi and Brian Sapient don't want us to see.)

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Please explain to me why you aren't famous yet? :)) ..i feel lonely though.. ..!
Από loveelybabi912 3 χρονια πριν
Its all bullshit. He didn´t say what was in the envelope. Just bla bla bla to divert attention.
Από Levortie 6 χρονια πριν
Can you please explain how this is scientific? And did you notice how Mr. Uri Geller DIDN'T object to the result?

Uri Geller has already been exposed as a fraud. I can't believe people still believe he has supernatural powers, when he never proved it under controlled scientific conditions.

"They say this is a video James Randi and Brian Sapient don't want us to see."

Who are they?
Από kirjapan 6 χρονια πριν
Inssupportable ce montage vidéo, were you... grrr çà rend fou!
Mais intéressant..
"I do not believe that anybody has the ability to do anything that's supernatural." Criss Angel May 2006
Από (Free) Hugues 6 χρονια πριν
du n´importe quoi!
Από Deessa 6 χρονια πριν

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