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An important stock of weapons dating back, for the vast majority, from the two last world wars was discovered at a collector’s home in Yonne, France. It had been seriously wounded at the beginning of the month while trying to defuse a shell.

Anti-tank mines dating from the second world war, mortars, grenades, missiles, rocket launchers, shells of more than 40 kilos; the bomb disposal experts and the gendarmes are uncovering more surprises during their search of the premises.

In common rooms, in the cellar and in the attic; the house abounds in ammunition of war of any calibre. In the hands of a bomb disposal expert, one German 20mm anti-aircraft round and one French 75mm artillery shell; still active and dangerous ordnance.

An arsenal belonging to a 53 years old collector who has been in hospital for 20 days; with a belly peppered by shrapnel. The accident occurred when he attempted to neutralized a warhead using a disc-cutter; fortunately he was alone in the house.

According to his son, it had piled up this arsenal of war; with an aim of opening a museum. During 20 days of meticulous search of the premises, the gendarmes found until now 35 kilos of explosive powder sometimes stored in glass jars. The bomb disposal experts destroyed sixty kilos of explosives, in total nearly 27 tons of ordnance were discovered in the 3 family properties of the collector.

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