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Seaweed and Weathered Stones

il y a 3 ans3 views

This video begins with a close-up view of a shoreline. The waves gently lap semi-submerged rocks that have been rounded over time by the churning ocean water. In the foreground, on the moist beach sand, is a clump of seaweed that has washed ashore. The seaweed gets licked by the the incoming tide. The image dissolves into a wide shot of a wide sandy beach. The skies are clear and blue, with traces of clouds far out to sea. Along the shore are thousands upon thousands of rounded rocks and pebbles. Seagulls are huddled near the shoreline as the incoming waves gently caress the strewn rocks. Farther out to sea, the waves make a crashing sound as they break. High above the waterline are large sandy dunes coated with big mats of clumped seaweed. This quick video is a relaxing scene. No humans are seen in this video.

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Seaweed and Weathered Stones
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