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    BSP Pharma Inc. Announces Groundbreaking Findings ...


    by MultiVu

    Research has indicated that FlexNow® Joint Formula shows significant reductions in cartilage deterioration, joint inflammation, and joint pain.

    BSP Pharma Inc., the maker and distributor of FlexNow® Joint Formula, has announced the findings from the new joint health clinical study completed this past June at the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research (ACCMER) in Brisbane, Australia led by Dr. Phillip Cheras PhD.

    Results show that, for those with elevated cartilage deterioration in their joints, FlexNow Joint Formula provides an unprecedented reduction in cartilage deterioration for a natural product, 44% higher than that reported for glucosamine.1 . This is the first human clinical study of a natural product showing such a great reduction in a well recognised marker for cartilage deterioration as well as significant reductions in joint specific inflammation and joint pain.