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    {CSGO} R8 Revolver Gang - First Game Tryouts (DocuTäge)

    Evans Nick

    by Evans Nick

    ☠ Play of the Game ☠
    03:43 1v4 attempt - 7 hp and no sweet dream!
    ☢Warning - Graphic and Vile Language and Psychological Nudity☢

    Year: 2016 - 365 Days of Consecutive Uploads #12

    A Mix between a Documentary and Montage (DocuTäge) *Ranked Games

    00:00 A new Deagle!!! 007's Golden Gun ffs...
    00:32 Walking into the new Revolver Gang - Clan Snuzzlebears
    01:48 'Carmen are you throwing?' 'Roger that.'
    02:13 Walking into the Firing Squad 1v3
    02:38 1v3 again but I win pathetically...My balls dropped
    03:43 1v4 attempt - 7 hp and no sweet dream!
    04:37 Krawger's PC shits on itself - 'He was throwing anyhow, right? Fuck him.'
    05:32 Mounting our comeback down a guy. 14 to 12 I clutch the round with an smg flick.
    06:00 Steel goes 1v5 with 10 hp and takes 3 to hell with him.
    06:18 15 -13 Round goes to the home team. Chance to Tie!
    06:48 15 - 14 'Trade the kill. Just go! Just go!' - 'Yea that worked out...'
    07:35 Thanks for Watching us fail to Tie on Cache with a DC!

    Every Ranked game has it's own unique story - MLG and Cardboard Elite plays, Love-Hate relationships are born, friends deleted from the ever dwindling list...the point is I love to tell stories. I try to encapsulate all the emotion put in and taken out of the match whether a win, loss or tie. You will see my best and my worst and my worst's worst so come join us for a good laugh at these fail/win compilation POV CS:GO Ranked Documentaries!

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    Sweet Dreams - Hardstyle remix

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    Cool Guys Look at Explosions (⌐■_■)

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