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    Heather Taddy - Team Documentarian



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    Heather Taddy is a senior at Penn State, majoring in Film and Media Studies, with an invested interest in French. She spent her first two years at a branch campus in Altoona, her hometown. In Fall 2005, she discovered PRS after reading an article about the club in the Halloween edition of the campus newspaper. The following year she transferred to main campus and started attending PRS meetings.

    "PRS is the only club that I am a part of," said Taddy, "but if I had more time I would definitely join the comedy club."

    When asked about what she thinks are her greatest accomplishments while at Penn State, she lists joining PRS and the opportunity to participate on a major television show.

    In the future, she hopes to continue documenting and helping those who experience hauntings with PRS. She also wants to pursue a career in the film/TV industry to explore her creativity. Outside of PRS, you can find Heather creating music with her experimental/progressive rock band, working at Hot Topic and producing experimental films.