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    WolfPac & Kategorie-C Noob from KOE's Clan


    per Gabe

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    In this video u can see the true on KOE'S CLAN
    WolfPac & Kategorie-C are friends and members of KOE's Clan. After the match u can read with ur eyes what Kategorie-C write me XD He write that he was reconding "for KOE", so Kategorie-C and WolfPac are GAME-KOE's friends. But maybe they forgot that they was using headbuts and cheats like the Freeze in this match!!!
    Congratulation Game-KOE for ur noob friends!
    And u call me noob??? And how u call this two ur friends? ahuahuahuahuhuahuahuahuahuahuahu
    The right name for ur friends is NOOB...
    like U!!