Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back (Finale & End Credits)

Keith Keith Adams

by Keith Keith Adams

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I always thought it should have ended on the shot from behind luke, leia, 3po and r2 as they watch lando and chewie set out to find han. Its kind of the antithesis of the final shot of star wars. In star wars, order is restored to the galaxy, happiness/awards ensue, and all of the main characters are together, looking right at the audience at the end. Here, the ending is a cliffhanger. Times are dark. One of our heroes is more or less dead, and we're 10 minutes removed from the most devastating reveal in all of cinema. To me, luke, leia, 3po and r2 looking out into the unknown suits the film better than the shot of the fleet of rebel ships. And its not all bleak--there is hope for the future, which i think is symbolized by the bright galaxy they're looking at. I've always wondered if it was the music that dictated this decision…"Empire" is famous for having much better music than the original, and the theme here is one of the most iconic. Perhaps the shots would've been too long/felt forced (ha ha) had they tried to end it on the same musical note but without the 30 seconds of extra footage…i.e. they would've had to lengthen all of the shots of them in the hospital ship and of the millennium falcon flying away in order for the last shot over their shoulders to sync up with the end of the music. Well, I should probably get to bed
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