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    Keepin' out of Misschief - Stumptown Jazz 2001

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Keepin’ out of Misschief now - Stumptown Jazz 2001

    It must have been in the late fifties when a LP came out called “Satch Plays Fats”. This of course was a Louis Armstrong’s All Stars recording of music composed by pianist Fats Waller. I bought it then and I found out that all my musician friends love the tune “Keepin’ out of Misschief now” as well. It is basically a standard that hopefully will never leave the general jazz repertoire.
    We had never played this tune together before and our reedman Phil Hatton suggested he give the vocal a try. Therefore, right in the middle of this concert for the Milwaukee Jazz Society in Janaary 2001 you are watching the premiere of this tune by Stumptown Jazz. That’s what’s jazz is all about.
    In the band: Bob Erwig cornet, Phil Hatton clarinet, Rex Rice trombone, leader Gary Peterson piano, Dave Brown banjo, John Walling tuba and Bill Franklin drums
    note: The established key for this tune to be played in is C.
    Possible next time we should give it a try in Ab. Just to make it a bit easier for the ever aging vocal voices of our musicians.