Angle Thanksgiving (22/11/07)


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Angle Thanksgiving Dinner
Impact 22/11/07

6 comentarios

)yeaeeh Thanks for sharing this :)
Por harriet25u Hace 4 años
"You guys suck"
Team 3D owned by Kurt Angle's six year old daughter Kyra!
Por KingManUtd Hace 7 años
"We thank yo for our family, AJ, Tomko, J.B, my wife Karen, my daughter Kyra, although she may be a brat at times i love her, Sorry Karen, and i'd like to thank you for my movie star good looks, my athletic prowess, and my Olympic Gold Medal. I'd also like to thank ou that Pacman Jones is no longer with us, Amen" - You have to love Kurt, Wrestling Legend!, he's as good at talking as he is in the ring
Por KingManUtd Hace 7 años
Pfff-ff-fft, did you see when AJ snuck some of the food during prayer? rofl
Por Jyger85 Hace 7 años
lol karen getting pied
Por Panther57 Hace 7 años
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