Big Noise from Winnetka - Climax JB 1991

bob erwig
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Big Noise from Winnetka - Climax Jazz Band 1991

As bassist of the Bob Crosby Bob Cats, Bob Haggart (1914-1998) composed and arranged many tunes for the band and the most famous one is probably "The Big Noise". Bob recorded this tune for the first time in 1938 as a feature for bass, drums and whistling together with drummer Ray Bauduc.

In our Climax Jazz Band we have had this tune in our repertoire for many years. Chris Daniels, our bassist introduced it to the band in the early seventies and it has been requested almost on every concert we have played. It was of course always a welcome break for our frontline musicians who could then walk off the stage for a smoke or a little nutrition especially when the drum extravaganza would happen.
The Worlds Greatest Jazz Band came to play a week of dual concerts with our Climax Band in 1977 in Toronto and I remember co-leader Bob Haggart standing there with a surprised and puzzled look on his face when Chris did his version of the Big Noise.
Here Chris is performing the tune at the 1991 Indianapolis Jazz Festival with our young drummer. Jamie Aug was now with the band for a little over 3 years and I think he was only about 19 years old.