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    Take Your Pick - Jack Vincken Climax JB 1991

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Take Your Pick - Jack Vincken & Climax Jazz Band 1991

    I think I knew my good old friend Jack (Jacques) Vincken since 1945 or 1946. We were in the same primary school in Bussum and both of us became interested in classic jazz in the early fifties. When we started our very first band Jack was the banjoist in our Black Bottom Jazz Band. A few years later we had our very succesful Rampart Night Hawks. In 1965 Jack and family moved to Canada and a year later our family followed. In 1971 we were both involved in the beginnings of the Climax Jazz Band from Toronto. The band had its glory years in the eighties and nineties with concerts and recordings with many famous jazz musicians and with bands from the world over and we also did numerous tours through the USA, Europe and Japan.
    I left Climax in 1996 but Jack is still a member of the band, and they still attract good crowds at home and abroad.
    Both as former Dutchmen we always had an admiration for the Dutch Swing College Band. In their early years banjoist Arie Ligthart was often featured in the tune “Buddy’s Habits”. Our Jack had great admiration for Arie and in this tune Jack is featured on banjo in this tune that was renamed “Take your Pick”
    Next to Jack Vincken on banjo we see Bob Erwig cornet, Mick Lewis clarinet, Peter Sagerman trombone, Chris Daniels bass and Jamie Aug drums from a concert for the Indianapolis Jazz Club in 1991.
    ( In the introduction you hear some music with Bob and Jack in 1955)