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    Neverwinter Nights 2 - Gameplay 1

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    von Todd

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    All people from nwn prefer the first, it's why I've not bough that game >.<.
    Von XilofVor 8 Jahren
    je prefere le 1
    Von NemesisVor 9 Jahren
    ... les combats sont super lent ... Dman, fight are so low ..
    Von _Nisa_Vor 9 Jahren
    Bah .. I prefeer Neverwinter 1 .. I dont like the combat system in NWN 2. Its almost the same but the fluidity and the speed of the combat in NWN1 was much faster and addictive
    Von RodVor 9 Jahren
    I know that it shall come out in october but i don't know which day.
    Von ToddVor 10 Jahren
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